Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation

“I leave you with a thought…you can’t predict the future and you never know when life’s plans are suddenly going to change. Learn to appreciate what you have and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Appreciate yourself and the wonderful qualities you possess as well as the qualities of others. Stay true to yourself and always BELIEVE that anything is possible.”

These are some of the last words left to us from Jacquie Hirsch, who courageously battled through chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplants, and hospital stays against a relentless disease, leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

Today, as a testament to Jacquie’s caring nature, altruistic selfless acts, and her wonderful abilities as a teacher of children, we are proud to have The Jacquie Hirsch For A.L.L. Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against cancer right here at our complex.

We work very closely with the families and staff of Greater Buffalo Gymnastics, our complex, and volunteers from our communities. With your love and support, we will continue hosting fundraising events, raising awareness, fund promising new research initiatives, and provide support to patients and their families who are forced into the fight of their lives.

Won’t you join us in the fight against cancer by volunteering or donating? See what we’re all about and come Believe With Us!


1641 North French Rd.
Getzville, New York 14068


(716) 810-9567