Boys Team – At Home Workouts Week #1

Alright Boys Team, your turn to hit it!  These are some strength and flexibility exercises for you to work on at home.  You should be doing this entire circuit each day you would normally be at the gym, though I’m sure no one would mind if you do it more often.  Similar reminders for you as we workout at home:

  • SAFETY FIRST!  Don’t do anything you don’t already know how to do on your own.
  • Your furniture is not gymnastics equipment (as much as we might like it to be).  Use what you have, but remember your shower curtain rod is not a bar.
  • Get creative!  Mix it up if you know another cool way to get some of these exercises done.
  • Tag us!  We miss all of you already and want to see what you are working on at home.  Send us pictures and videos so we can see how you’re keeping things gymnastics-y.

Don’t forget new workouts will be coming at the beginning of the week so you only have a few days to get this down.  We miss you all, but we’ll see you soon!

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