Exciting announcement from Greater Buffalo Gymnastics!

While renovations to our facility were planned for last year, we are happy to announce that the project is now moving forward and starting this month.

This new design will modernize the front section of the building and encompass improved areas for gymnasts, parents, siblings, and employees. Some of the features coming soon include a new lobby and reception experience, separate locker rooms, a larger balcony for viewing, a multi-purpose room for events, and enhanced staff co-working spaces.

Just a few years ago we proudly and successfully expanded the square footage of the gym which paved the way for more training opportunities, additional equipment and increased class offerings to meet the growing demands of busy family schedules. Now, with this next renovation, our aim is to provide even more meaningful and relevant spaces to transact, observe, and interact.

This does mean however that over the next several months there will be some moving, rearranging, loud noises, and dust. There will also be periods of time where we won’t have access to certain parts of the building and are likely to be inconvenienced. Yet after last year, we all became more adaptable and flexible so we’re confident in our students, their families, and our employees to be able to work through it for a short time with us.


**Please note – the 2nd floor observation will be closed for a period of time starting next week Monday, May 17th while the old flooring is removed. More details will follow after that is completed. It is highly likely over the next several weeks there will be intermittent days when the upstairs balcony is closed, we will do our best to notify everyone in advance if you will be unable to watch on a particular day.

We’ve listened to feedback and suggestions and are very excited about how this new space will improve everyone’s experience here. We believe making this investment now will give all of us a fun, exciting, and renewed sense of hopefulness going into next season and beyond. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation during this short construction window. We’re very much looking forward to sharing with you a new look, a new experience, and reaffirming our same great mission.