Year-Round Programming

Greater Buffalo Gymnastics is excited to offer a year-round program! Our recreational classes do not follow a specific schedule based on any season, time of year, or school year. Our intention is to offer a schedule that will remain the same as it is now, from year to year. What does a year-round program mean? As long as your student is currently enrolled and attending classes at Greater Buffalo, you no longer need to re-enroll when the seasons change. Your student will simply continue coming to their class, with the exception of designated breaks marked on our calendar. The only time you will need to change classes is if your student ages out of their current class or, with the recommendation of their coach, when they are ready to advance to the next level.  

    • Should your student be interested in taking a break from gymnastics for a period of time, our current policy will remain in effect throughout the year; simply let Client Services know by the last class of any given month that your gymnast is currently enrolled in. This will release your gymnast from the spot and also suspend any charges from being applied to your account. Please note, this does open your student’s spot in the class. Unfortunately we can not hold a student’s spot for an extended period of time. (Please read our attendance policy in our FAQ Page for more information.) Should you decide to return to the program at any point, you can select a new class through the Customer Portal.
    • There is a $45 annual membership fee per gymnast enrolled. This membership fee renews each year on your student’s anniversary month with us.
    • If you have any questions about your child’s class designation, please reach out to Client Services and they will make sure you are placed in the proper class.
    • When considering your child’s age designation: Gymnasts will be enrolled in classes based on their birth month. So, if I turn 5 in the month of September, I can register for a 5-year-old class in September. If I don’t turn 5 until December, I’ll be in a Kinder Kids class until the month of my birthday, when I am eligible to move-up.

Registration and enrollment is available year-round through our Customer Portal. Get your gymnast(s) registered at your earliest convenience. Create an account with us, make a profile for your student, and find a class in the Classes page of the portal! Registration for all of our classes are accepted on a first received, first processed basis.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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Class Options

Our staff will ensure the most beneficial class placement.

Junior Jumpers

Skill: Beginner Age: 3

Kinder Kids

Skill: Beginner Age: 4

Girls Beginner

Skill: Beginner Age: 5+

Girls Intermediate

Skill: Intermediate Age: 6+

Girls Advanced Beginner

Skill: Beginner Age: 7+

Girls Advanced

Skill: Advanced Age: 9+

Boys Beginner

Skill: Beginner Age: 5+

Boys Advanced Beginner

Skill: Beginner