Locker Room Policy Reminders & Updates

Hello Greater Buffalo Families,

In recent months there has been an increase of swapping articles of clothing and/or theft of belongings from the locker room. Recently, parents and gymnasts have voiced concerns about missing shoes, coats, and electronics/valuables. We would like to remind you of the following best practices and policies for you and your students.

  • Please do not bring electronic or valuable items to class. Leave all valuables items at home.
  • We recommend labeling your gymnast’s coat, shoes, water bottles, etc. with either their First Name/Last Initial or Last Name. This makes it easier for young children and parents to recognize if they accidentally grab the wrong item.
  • Our locker rooms are strictly a place to hang coats and leave shoes while your gymnasts are out on the floor. Please do not leave any other items in those rooms.
  • Remind your gymnast to be respectful of other people’s belongings while in the locker room.

In addition to the issues with personal belongings, there has been an increase number of students climbing up the walls, hanging on the hooks, jumping on benches, and tumbling across the hard floor while waiting in the locker rooms. We’re excited for your child’s class to start too! However, please encourage your children to be safe and wait respectfully until it is class time.

To work on correcting these situations, we are requiring that you bring your child to the locker room and wait with your student inside or outside the locker room until class starts, as well as meeting them inside or outside the locker room when class ends. Please do not proceed to the balcony to watch class or exit the building until your gymnast heads out to the floor with their coach. If your student is dropped off by a grandparent, baby sitter, or another guardian, please communicate this new procedure to them.

We appreciate you taking an extra minute to help us mitigate these issues. Our aim is to create a positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone here at Greater Buffalo and we sincerely appreciate your help to reinforce this.

Thank you!