MiM & Rec At-Home Workout Updates

It’s official.  We still miss everyone like crazy!  This week was supposed ‘Spring Break’ at the gym but we think we’ll continue working out at home instead.

We have a week’s worth of activities for our Munchkins in Motion and some increased rep counts for our Recreational gymnasts.  Some of the exercises have changed but, since you’ve been working on them at home, you should be able to up the number of times you’re completing some of the familiar exercises.  Increasing the number of times you complete an exercise or the length of time you hold a position helps build increased strength and flexibility.

Stay strong.  Stay flexible.  Stay home.  Stay safe.




Munchkins in Motion At-Home Activities

Beginner At-Home Workout

Beginner-Advanced At-Home Workout

Advanced Beginner At-Home Workout

Intermediate At-Home Workout