Our Wait List Program

We are so flattered by the amount of interest that has been expressed in our gymnastics and tumbling programs! Most of our classes are filled to capacity already this season, and while we wish we could accommodate every athlete, family, and schedule, we, unfortunately, have to cap our classes at a safe ratio of 6-8 students: 1 instructor, per USA Gymnastics guidelines.

In the event that you are unable to get into the class of your choice, we invite you to join a wait list. Being on a wait list means that when a spot for your desired class opens up (due to an athlete moving away, being promoted mid-season, etc.), we will call those on the wait list and offer them the spot!

There is no limit to the number of wait lists you can be on, and you are not bound to the classes you decide to wait for. For example, if we call and offer you a spot, you can decline. We understand schedules and interest change, so there’s no expectation!

In order to join a wait list, simply submit a registration form (indicating the classes you’d like to wait for) ​to info@greaterbuffalogymnastics.com, via fax (716-810-9569), by mail, or in person!

For more information, contact us!