Year-Round Programming Update

Dear Greater Buffalo Families,

We hope you have been enjoying classes with Greater Buffalo this summer! As we approach the fall, we would like to remind you that we are a year-round, continuous gymnastics program.

Greater Buffalo Gymnastics does not follow a specific schedule based on any season, time of year, or school year. Our intention is to offer a schedule that will remain the same as it is now, from year to year. What does this mean for your child? As long as you are currently enrolled and attending classes at Greater Buffalo, you no longer need to re-enroll when the seasons change. Your student will simply continue coming to their class with the exception of designated breaks marked on our calendar. The only time you will need to change classes is if your student ages out of their current class or, on the recommendation of their coach, when they are ready to advance to the next level.

Additionally, your student’s Annual Membership Fee will automatically renew and be auto billed during the anniversary month of their initial enrollment. That means, if you enrolled your student with us in August of 2021, their membership fee will renew in August 2022, and so on. If you are unsure as to what month your student joined, please contact Client Services and we will assist you.

Should your student be interested in taking a break from gymnastics and unable to attend their classes, our current policy will remain in effect throughout the year; simply let Client Services know by the last week of any given month if they will not be returning the following month. This will release your gymnast from their class spot and also suspend any charges from being applied to your account. If you wish to return at any time, please select an available class through the Customer Portal or contact Client Services.

Please be sure to read our Parent Handbook for updates on several of our policies and procedures, including attendancetuition paymentscalendar and more. As always, please reach out with any questions. We are looking forward to the upcoming fall months here at Greater Buffalo!