Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

At the Greater Buffalo Gymnastics & Fitness Center, we focus on the education and betterment of children, our essential resource for the future.

We believe that through gymnastics children learn to develop important physical, mental and social skills that help lead them to a healthy respect for themselves and others – a philosophy that our staff exemplifies in every aspect of their teaching. Our instructors take a positive approach of working with each athlete, helping them accept individual differences in skill levels and in success rates.

Whether recreational or competitive, we are confident that our staff will help each athlete reach his/her potential, while enjoying every aspect of our programs.

Our Founding Values

Back in 1993, when Torey & Sharon Hirsch built Greater Buffalo Gymnastics, they didn’t start out with a set of Founding Values. They just lived and worked by principles they felt were right. And today, through an evolutionary process over the years, those values have been formally adapted into the foundation of our everyday business.

We are here to leave a lifelong positive lasting impression of a time where children and young adults spend their youthful years growing, learning, finding their path, and feeling prepared to go out into the world, defining what success means to them and make it their own.

Our Why

  • We exist in order to provide an environment rich with opportunities for children and young adults to grow, develop, and achieve individual success.
  • We challenge ourselves and our athletes to continuously learn and improve personal values and interpersonal skills through our comprehensive programs.

Our How

  • We strive to create excitement and enthusiasm as children learn new skills, achieve milestones, and reach goals.
  • We encourage making new friends, stepping outside of comfort zones, working together, and embracing the differences in each other.

Our What

  • We support and continue cultivating exceptional staff and personnel.
  • We foster creativity, FUN, teamwork, diversity, integrity, and friendly competition through positive encouragement and motivation.
  • We continue to innovate and lead in our field by providing cutting-edge equipment and the safest teaching practices in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • We acknowledge the individuality of learning styles and accommodate all types by providing appropriate teaching methods.