Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our program? Unsure of how to go about registering your gymnast for classes? Let us help you out by providing answers to our most frequently asked questions by parents and gymnasts at Greater Buffalo Gymnastics Center. Scroll down to find answers regarding program structure, registration and enrollment, payments, class necessities, and more facility procedures.

How does your program work? Is there a session I should sign-up for?

Greater Buffalo proudly offers a year-round gymnastics program, eliminating the hassle of session-based enrollments. Once you’ve secured a spot, it’s yours continuously, with no need to worry about re-enrolling each season. As your gymnast progresses in age or skill level, their class schedule may adjust accordingly. Other than that, you can count your class all year long. 

How do I register my child?

Click here to access our Customer Portal. Setup your account in a few easy steps and get your gymnast registered today!  

What class should I register my child for?

To find the ideal class for your child, our classes are categorized by both age and skill level. Use the prompts in our Customer Portal for guidance in selecting the right level and class for your gymnast. If you’re unsure about the levels or need more personalized assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Client Services team. They’re here to help ensure you find the perfect class. 

Please be aware that our categorization into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ classes follows the USA Gymnastics guidelines, which divide gymnastics categories into ‘female’ and ‘male’. However, we understand that gender identity is not binary for every child. At Greater Buffalo, we welcome all athletes to participate in the category that aligns with their gender identity. We’re committed to supporting and respecting children of all gender identities. 

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, we have an annual membership fee of $45.00 per child. This fee is charged to your account as soon as your child is enrolled in a class. It is then automatically billed each year on the anniversary month of your student’s enrollment with us. 

How does my tuition work? Does my tuition change during months that have designated breaks?

Tuition is split into equal monthly payments, averaging four weeks per month. This means your monthly tuition remains the same each month, even when you have more or less than 4 classes in a month. Our scheduled breaks are factored into your tuition. 

Payments are accepted via cash, check, all major credit cards, and health insurance benefit cards. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, and you can opt for automatic billing through our Customer Portal. This option automatically processes your card on the 1st of each month, with a receipt sent to your email. 

If you prefer manual payments, you can use your credit card online via the Customer Portal (Login > My Account > Payments > Make a Payment). We also accept card, check, and cash payments in person during office hours. For your convenience, a tuition drop box is available in our front lobby for cash or check payments outside office hours. Please label cash envelopes with your child’s name, and include their name in the memo line of checks. Note that there is a $35.00 fee for returned checks. 

What if my tuition is late?

A $10.00 late fee per child is added to your account if tuition isn’t paid by the 10th of each month. If tuition is still unpaid at month’s end, your gymnast will be unable to attend class and their spot may be given to someone on the waitlist. To re-enroll after automatic withdrawal, any outstanding balances must be cleared. We’ll try our best to accommodate your preferred schedule upon return. 

If you’re facing difficulties with tuition payments, please reach out to us before the due date. We’re here to work with you and explore alternative arrangements. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! We value our gym families, and love when they have multiple children participating. We offer a Family Discount that varies depending on the number of enrolled siblings. This discount is applied to each child’s tuition, starting with the lowest. These discounts are automatically calculated in your account: 

  • 1st Child: Full Price 
  • 2nd Child: 5% off monthly tuition 
  • 3rd Child: 10% off monthly tuition 
  • 4th Child: 15% off monthly tuition 

Additionally, we’re proud to support our military families, through the Erie County Thank-A-Vet and Honoring the Fallen Programs. Present your enrollment card at Client Services for a 10% discount on all our services. 

Please note, discounts cannot be combined. 

When should I arrive for class? What if I’m late?

Make sure to arrive with enough time for your gymnast to use the restroom and get ready by removing their shoes and coat. Coaches will greet your gymnast at the locker room door at class time, so there’s no need to come too early. 

If you’re late, don’t worry. Just check in with Client Services, and they’ll guide your gymnast to their group on the floor. It can be challenging for them to find their group alone, so we’re here to help! 

Late for pickup? It happens. Simply call Client Services at (716) 639-0020 to let us know. A team member will stay with your gymnast at the front desk until you arrive. 

What is the dress code for class?

Gymnasts should wear comfortable attire suitable for activity. This can be a t-shirt paired with athletic shorts or pants. Cotton socks are a must. While girls may wear leotards, they’re optional for our recreational classes. Ensure long hair is tied back, away from the face. 

Please avoid wearing: 

  • Very loose or extremely tight clothing 
  • Jeans 
  • Clothes with belts, buckles, large snaps, or buttons 
  • Crop tops 
  • Jewelry or watches, except for post earrings (all other jewelry should be removed) 
  • Bobby pins 

Also, bare feet are not allowed in the gym. 

3 and 4 year old students must be fully potty trained, completely out of diapers/pullups, and able to use the restroom on their own, or with the help of their parent and/or guardian, in order to participate in class.

What should my child bring to class?

You don’t need much! Just come dressed in your gymnastics attire, and you’re ready to go. Water bottles are welcome on the gym floor, but please leave all other food, drinks, and gum outside. 

Remember, Greater Buffalo is not responsible for lost or missing items. To avoid any loss, we advise against bringing valuable jewelry, clothing, cell phones, tablets, watches, or other expensive items to the gym. If your child does bring any personal items, make sure they’re labeled with their name for easy identification and return. Any items left at the gym will be placed in the lost & found, located on the balcony. 

What happens if we miss a class?

If your child can’t attend a class, please inform Client Services. This can be done by phone or through the Customer Portal, as long as it is more than 24 hours before the class. This helps us keep the coaches updated. 

If your child misses two consecutive classes without notification, we’ll give you a call to check in. As long as we hear back that all is well, we’ll keep holding your child’s spot. 

However, if there’s an outstanding tuition payment and we don’t receive a response after our attendance follow-up call, your child may be withdrawn from the class. Remember, you’re responsible for any unpaid tuition for missed classes, as we reserve your child’s spot. 

If your child misses four consecutive classes without notifying Client Services, your child’s enrollment is at risk of aban. In such cases, your child’s enrollment will be dropped after the fourth missed class, regardless of account status. 

Staying in touch with us is key to maintaining your child’s class spot. Regular attendance is crucial for progress in gymnastics, and our instructors are keen to support your child’s journey in the sport. 

Do you offer make-up classes?

Currently, we don’t offer makeup classes. However, we’re actively exploring ways to incorporate them into our program in the future. Stay tuned for updates! 

What if my child is sick or injured?

If your child is sick, just let us know by following our standard absence call-out procedure. We hope they get well soon and can return to class quickly! 

In case of an injury outside the gym or a diagnosis of a communicable disease that needs a doctor’s treatment (like conjunctivitis, fifth’s disease, etc.), please inform us as soon as possible. 

Important: If your child has seen a doctor for any reason other than an annual checkup, a medical release is required before they can rejoin the class. This applies even for negative diagnoses – for instance, if an X-ray shows no injury, we still need a doctor’s note confirming they can resume gymnastics without restrictions. 

A child cannot participate in class without a medical release specifying any restrictions (or the absence of them) and the relevant dates.

If your child must be out of class for an extended period of time due to illness, injury, or surgery, we will hold their spot in class during any medically-related absences, and pause tuition on your account. Please provide Client Services with documentation from your child’s medical provider with the date range of how long your child will be out of class, and the date they will return.

Can I watch my child’s class?

Absolutely! Viewing is available from our second-floor balcony. Once your child has met their teacher and headed to class, feel free to go upstairs. We ask that you don’t tap on the glass or use flash photography to ensure our gymnasts’ safety. 

If you need to leave after dropping off your child, that’s perfectly fine. We have your contact information on file and will reach out if needed. After class, you can reunite with your child in the locker room. 

Does the gym ever close?

Indeed, we do! While we’re passionate about gymnastics, we also value a good life balance. To know when we’re closed, please refer to the Yearly Calendar of events on our website. It’s important to note that we don’t follow any specific school district’s calendar; we have our own. So, to stay informed, please follow our calendar. If a date isn’t marked as closed, you can assume we’re open. 

What happens when there is bad weather?

We know the weather can be unpredictable around here. If we have to close the gym due to weather or another emergency, you’ll find a banner at the top of our homepage. We’ll also post notifications in the News section of the Customer Portal and on our social media pages. Additionally, closures will be listed on WGRZ Channel 2, WIVB Channel 4, and WKBW Channel 7 webpages. When time allows, we’ll send out emails as well. 

How is my child progressing in class?

Gymnastics is grounded in two key elements: basics and progressions. Even if it seems like gymnasts are often repeating the same basic exercises, these are crucial for success in the sport. Those repetitive warm-up stretches, like splits? They’re essential, practiced at every workout by top gymnasts like Simone Biles. 

As for progressions, it’s about learning step by step. Skills on each apparatus are taught through a series of progressions, building up to the complete skill. The various drills and stations your child works on are all part of this learning process. 

If you’re curious about your child’s progress, feel free to contact Client Services. They can connect you with your child’s coach for updates. We’re always ready to arrange phone calls or meetings to discuss your gymnast’s journey! 

How does a student move-up to the next level?

When your student is ready to advance to the next level, their coach will reach out to you directly. After discussing with the coach, please get in touch with Client Services. We’ll assist in finding a suitable class that matches your student’s new level. 

What if I need to withdraw my student from the program?

Life happens – schedules change, moves occur, and interests shift. We understand that students may need to withdraw from our program at any time during the year. If you decide to take a break or leave, you can submit a Withdrawal Request or contact Client Services. Please reach out to Client Services before the last class of the current month. 

Your commitment is only for the month your child is enrolled, and we don’t offer partial refunds for mid-month withdrawals. If your child rejoins within a year of paying the membership fee, this fee remains valid until their original anniversary month. However, we can’t hold spots in classes, so we encourage you to return as soon as you’re ready! 

Do you offer trial classes?

We do not offer trial classes at our facility. Our program operates on a month-to-month basis, allowing you the flexibility to withdraw at the end of any month if you choose. 

How long are your classes?

Our classes are one hour per week for all levels, except for the Girls Advanced classes, which last an hour and a half. If you and your gymnast are interested in adding more class time, you have the option to do so. Reach out to Client Services to explore additional days and times. 

Do you have a competitive team program?

Absolutely! We offer both women’s and men’s competitive teams, which include the USA Gymnastics Development and Xcel programs. Many of our team gymnasts initially join through our recreational program, making it an excellent starting point for a gymnastics career. Team placement is by invitation only, so if your child is interested in pursuing the competitive track, please contact Client Services for more details. 

If you’ve recently moved to the Buffalo area and are seeking a new gym for your competitive gymnast, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the next steps. 

What happens when my child ages out of their current class?

When your student outgrows their current class due to age, you can easily find a new class for them in an older age group. You’re welcome to log into the Customer Portal and request a different class day and time that suits the new age category. If you need assistance, Client Services is here to help. You can reach us at 716-639-0020 or email info@greaterbuffalogymnastics.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you. In case there are no immediate openings, we’ll place your student on a waitlist. Meanwhile, they can continue attending their current class until a spot in the new age group becomes available. 

How do we switch class days and times if our schedule changes?

If you need to change your student’s class day and time due to new commitments or conflicting schedules, just stop by the front desk or give us a call. Our Client Services team will assist you in finding a new class time that fits your updated schedule. If we don’t have immediate openings, we can place your student on a waitlist until a spot opens up. 

What age does your program start?

Classes are available for students between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age. Preschool students must be fully potty trained and completely out of diapers/pullups in order to participate.

Do you offer Mommy + Me Classes?

Our Munchkins in Motion program is designed to give every little athlete, ages 3 to 4 years, an introduction into the sport of gymnastics! These classes are designed to begin training in the sport, on equipment just their size, while emphasizing coordination, balance, motor skills, body control, and more. It is our belief that an interactive program that includes a variety of activities helps foster individual growth and development. Classes at these levels are co-ed and are taught with a 6:1 student to instructor ratio. Parent participation is not required in this class however, we encourage parents to stay in the building during MiM classes in the event that your child needs help using the restroom. As always, our trained staff and coaches are available to help with any questions.

Students must be fully potty trained, completely out of diapers/pullups, and able to use the restroom on their own, or with the help of their parent and/or guardian, in order to participate in class.