Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnasts are placed into groups based on age and gender. These classes begin as an introduction to all the Olympic equipment and progress through to more difficult skills with an emphasis on technique and execution. Our charting system was designed to allow each child to move through the levels at their own pace, tracking their progress as an individual. We believe each child should have the opportunity to learn new skills, achieve milestones, and reach their goals. Take a look at each group’s description to help determine which class is the best fit for your child; when starting the registration process our trained staff will assure your gymnast is properly placed.


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Class Options

Our staff will ensure the most beneficial class placement.

Girls Beginner

Skill: Beginner Age: Ages 5+

Girls Intermediate

Skill: Intermediate Age: Ages 6+

Girls Advanced Beginner

Skill: Beginner Age: Ages 7+

Girls Advanced

Skill: Intermediate Age: Ages 9+