What should my child wear to gymnastics?

Gymnastics is incredibly physical, so safety and comfort are two of our top priorities during class time. You may be used to seeing female gymnasts in leotards and male gymnasts in competition shirts and pants or shorts. For our recreational students, we do not require that they wear such formal gymnastics apparel. Students can wear something similar to what they might wear in gym class– stretching shorts or leggings, a t-shirt or tank top, and socks on their feet. Please avoid anything that might scratch the student or coach, or catch on equipment, such as buckles, belts, zippers, etc. We ask that t-shirts and tank tops be long enough to tuck in, and no skirts or dresses since students will be going upside down. Please leave all jewelry at home. Lastly, we ask that long hair be pulled back securely with a hair tie or scrunchie ( no butterfly or banana clips). 

That said, we do sell leotards and shorts, as well as branded t-shirts in Tink’s Pro Shop, located in the front office. The majority of our apparel comes from GK Elite Sportswear, a global leader in gymnastics and cheer apparel for over 30 years and ensures high quality, durable items. We also offer GK grips bags in our pro shop, as well as grips and wristbands. 

Note: if your child wears an external medical device (i.e. an insulin pump) this does not automatically preclude them from participation! Please consult with the office so we can determine the best way to keep your child safe and comfortable in class. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all children who attend Greater Buffalo Gymnastics!