Girls Team At Home Workouts – Week #1

Girls Team – You didn’t think you were getting the week off did you?  Find your level and hit it!  Instructions, duration, sets – everything you need should be in the document for your level.  As always, safety first!  We’re working strength and flexibility, not brand new skills.

Make sure you’re keeping track of your workouts so we can see your progress!  Also be sure you are doing things technically correct.  The most benefit will come from being in the proper position.  We have also included some additional TOPs based conditioning in case you need something a little extra.

Can’t wait to see your workouts!


Level 2 At Home Workout – Week #1

Level 3 At Home Workout – Week #1

Level 4 At Home Workout – Week #1

Level 5 At Home Workout – Week#1

Optional At Home Workout – Week #1

Xcel At Home Workout – Week #1

TOPs Based Conditioning