MiM & Rec At-Home Workouts – Week 2

We’re back with updated at-home workouts for our Munchkins in Motion and all recreational classes!  Find your level and get moving!  A few updates/reminders:

  • Safety first!  Don’t do anything you don’t already know how to do.
  • Boys:  Check out a newly added section for pommel horse/mushroom work!
  • Don’t forget, a piece of tape on the floor makes a great beam.
  • Use the boxes on the recreational charts to mark down the days you completed some or all of the workout.

Don’t forget, gymnastics by it’s very nature is a repetitive sport.  It is always about returning to basics and perfecting even the smallest details.  So repeat these skills and drills and always be working on your form.

Have fun!


**UPDATE:  Check out the YouTube link below for tutorials on these workouts!!**




Munchkins in Motion At-Home Workouts – Week 2

Beginner At Home Workouts – Week 2

Beginner-Advanced At Home Workouts – Week 2

Advanced Beginner At Home Workouts – Week 2

Intermediate At Home Workouts – Week 2