Team At-Home Workouts

Team Gymnasts…time for another round of at-home workouts!  Find your level below and get to work!  We have also included a general warm-up that can be used by all levels of girls team.  Boys team, if you can modify it, go for it!  Based on the way your normal workouts are set-up, these will be your at-home plans for the next two weeks.  Really work on perfecting this set of skills and drills.  Level 2 gymnasts – stick with your plan from ‘Week #1’, we really want to see some perfection from you on those!

We’ll have more updates tomorrow in regard to some other activities we hope to launch over the next week.  We miss everyone more than you know and can’t wait until we’re back in the gym!!

Boys Team at Home Workouts 3-30-20

Team At-Home Warm-Up

Level 3 At-Home Workout 3-30-20

Level 4 At-Home Workout 3-30-20

Level 5 At-Home Workout 3-30-20

Optional At-Home Workout 3-30-20

Xcel At Home Workout – 3-30-20